`The Israeli Solution´ - 11. Teil der Buchvorstellung

`The Israeli Solution´ - 11. Teil der Buchvorstellung

Propaganda des Rundfunks Nazis-Deutschlands in arabischer Sprache zur Anstachelung antisemitischer Ausschreitungen.

C.G. beschreibt die Radiosendungen aus Deutschland in arabischer Sprache und die bedeutende Rolle, die Husseini dabei spielte.

"As we noted earlier, ahead of the German invasion of Poland, Hitler was keen to pin the British down in the Middle East by expanding the Arab war against them in Mandatory Palestine. To that end, on April 25, 1939, near Berlin, the Germans began around-the-clock Arabic-language broadcasts, with the most powerful shortwave transmitter in existence at the time. Shortly after his arrival in Berlin in late 1941, Husseini began daily broadcasts on the Nazi Arabic station. His programs were a refined synthesis of Islamic Jew hatred and European racial anti-Semitism that he had been developing for the past twenty years. He melded Koranic verses referring to Jews as the enemies of Allah and as descendent of apes and pigs with European conspiracy theories about Jewish plots to corrupt and dominate the world."


Husseinis Stimme wurde in der islamischen Welt sehr bekannt.


"Through his Nazi radio broadcasts, Husseini’s became the most familiar voice in the Islamic world. Millions of ardent followers through out the Middle East and North Africa listened to his calls for the Muslims to rise up against the British and the Jews."


Robert Rickler, Pressesprecher des Freundeskreises Israel in Regensburg und Oberbayern e.V.


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