`The Israeli Solution´ - 14. Teil der Buchvorstellung

`The Israeli Solution´ - 14. Teil der Buchvorstellung

Caroline Glick zur Lage unmittelbar nach der Shoa.

C.G. beschreibt die Situation der überlebenden Juden in Europa.


"After the war ended, the world was faced with the reality of the genocide that the Germans had committed against the Jews of Europe. Six million Jews, some 75 percent of European Jewry, had been murdered. For the most part, the survivors were unwilling and unable to return to their former homes and were living in displaced persons camps around Europe. The vast majority of them were interested in settling only in the Land of Israel."


C.G. beschreibt den arabischen Widerstand gegen jedwede friedliche Koexistenz mit einem jüdischen Staat.


"On the other side, as Husseini’s triumphant arrival in Cairo symbolized, the Arabs remained opposed to any peaceful coexistence with a Jewish state. They refused to budge from their total opposition to all Jewish land purchases in the Mandate and to all Jewish immigration there."





Robert Rickler, Pressesprecher des Freundeskreises Israel in Regensburg und Oberbayern e.V.


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