Israel should be defended now not critisized

Israel should be defended now not critisized

When Israel is being attacked on all sides by the international community for alleged wrongs, all pro-Israel advocates must come to her defense.

Even if Israel could be faulted in some way, the job of the advocate is to focus on how others can be faulted. It in no way helps Israel’s cause to acknowledge in some way, that she too is at fault even with a caveat that it is a minor fault.

So it troubled me that within 24 hours of the clash, Caroline Glick in Ending Israel’s losing streak,attacked Israels handling of the challenge to her sovereignty by the flotilla and the challenge to her right of self defense by the UN’s Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference.

In Arabs Try to Lynch Israeli Paint-Gun Commandos – Myths and Facts about the Israeli Naval Operation, YEKUTIEL GUZOFSKY claims “the feeble tactics used by the Israeli government to enforce the blockade needs to be studied and never again duplicated.”

There is time for post mortems later,

Alan Caruba has he sense to warn that Israel’s Next War Begins

Ted Belman, 1.06.2010

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Dienstag, 01 Juni 2010


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