8. Teil der Buchvorstellung: `The Israeli Solution´ von Caroline Glick

8. Teil der Buchvorstellung:

`The Israeli Solution´ von Caroline Glick

Dies ist der 7. Teil einer Buchbesprechung des Buches The Israeli Solution"von Caroline Glick.

Wegen seiner Allianz mit den Nazis musste Husseini flüchten.


"Despite Britain’s ardent desire to appease Husseini, his open ties with the Nazis and his instigation of the terror campaign against the British in Palestine finally forced its hand. In 1937 the British issued a warrant for Husseini’s arrest. Husseini fled to Beirut. In 1939 he fled to Iraq."


Husseini wirkte auf die arabische Welt ein, damit sie die Nazis unterstützen.


"Outside Palestine, Husseini began agitating the wider Arab world to turn on Britain and side with the Nazis. During his two years in Iraq, he was in close contact with Fritz Grobba, the German ambassador in Baghdad. He also developed close ties with leading generals in the Iraqi military, who like him were ardent supporters of Germany."

Husseini unterstützte Nazi-Propaganda und verursachte einen Staatsstreich.


"Husseini assisted the Germans in writing and disseminating anti-Jewish and pro-Nazi propaganda. He incited the military leadership against Britain. In April 1941, under his guidance, four pro-Nazi Iraqi generals, led by General Rashid Ali al-Gaylani, overthrew the pro-British government of Regent Abdullah and Prime Minister Nuri as-Said."


Die Briten schickten ihre Armee in den Irak.


"The ousted government had been in an alliance with Britain. Britain responded to its overthrow by invading Iraq. By late May, Britain had reinstated its control of the oil fields in Basra, and British victory was a foregone conclusion. Allied forces were poised to take over Baghdad. "


Viele Juden wurden ermordet oder verwundet.


"With hope for victory now nil, at Husseini’s urging, the pro-Nazi junta used their residual power to carry out a massive assault on Baghdad’s Jewish community. One hundred twenty Jews were murdered, a thousand were wounded, and thousands more lost their homes as pro-Nazi mobs torched Jewish homes and businesses."



Robert Rickler, Pressesprecher des "Freundeskreises Israel in Regensburg und Niederbayern e.B."


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