`The Israeli Solution`

`The Israeli Solution`

Teil 9 der Besprechung des Buches von Caroline Glick

C.G. beschreibt, wie Husseini den pro-Nazi Shah Reza Pahlavi im Iran beeinflusste.


"Forced to flee the British forces descending on Baghdad, Husseini and al-Gaylani escaped to Tehran, which at the time was governed by the pro-Nazi shah Reza Pahlavi. Influenced by Husseini’s pro-Nazi propaganda, and enthusiastically supporting the Nazi cause, the shah intended to bring Iran completely into the Axis, ending its oil exports to the Allies."


Die Alliierten ersetzten den Shah durch seinen Sohn.


"In October 1941 the Allies forced the shah to abdicate in favor of his son, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi."


Husseini entkam nach Italien und traf sich mit Benito Mussolini.


"Moving one step ahead of Allied forces, Husseini and al-Gaylani escaped again. Husseini was spirited out of the country on an Italian air force plane. Upon arriving in Rome, he met with Benito Mussolini and pledged that if the Axis powers recognized an Arab state under his leadership, encompassing Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Transjordan, and the Palestine Mandate, he would galvanize Arab support for their war effort. He also secured Axis support for his proposal that the Axis would recognize the Arabs’ right 'to deal with Jewish elements in Palestine and in the other Arab countries according to their own interests.'"


Husseini wurde nach Berlin geflogen und hatte ein Treffen mit Adolf Hitler.


"On November 7 he was flown to Berlin, and three weeks after his arrival, on November 28, 1941, he had a ninety-five-minute meeting with Adolf Hitler. There Hitler told Husseini of his plan to exterminate European Jewry. As the official Nazi report of the meeting says, after Hitler destroyed 'the Judeo-communist empire in Europe,' he would aid Husseini in the 'destruction of the Jewish element residing in the Arab sphere.'"



(Fortsetzung folgt.)


Robert Rickler, Pressesprecher des Freundeskreises Israel in Regensburg und Niederbayern e.V.


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